Kenya is a great sporting nation, most well known for award winning athletes who are often at the lead not only in international meets worldwide, but also at the Olympics, making athletics synonymous with Kenyan sports.

There is an increase in international athletes taking advantage of the Kenyan Rift valley region for high altitude training camps, and to   participate in various Marathons including: Nairobi Marathon and the Lewa Downs Marathon that allows participants to run in the wild watched by Zebra, Giraffe, Rhino and wildebeests among others.

Additionally, Golf Safari’s, Rugby, Sports Fishing, sailing, kayaking, mountain climbing, Carmel Derby, the Rhino Charge and the famous Safari Rally, have also put Kenya on the Global Sports map offering a large diversity for any sports.

Kenya is rich in her traditions, culture, and splendid natural heritage.  At the National Museum in Nairobi, visitors can retrace the cycle of evolution in the ‘cradle of mankind’. The cultural, experience is further enhanced by presence of one of the most cosmopolitan communities on the African continent.  Kenya is a linguistically diverse country over 42 ethnic dialects. A majority of the population speak three languages- Kiswahili, English and their mother tongue.

For cultural experiences visit the cultural villages at the Bomas of Kenya in Nairobi, participate in the Lake Turkana or Lamu Cultural festivals or enjoy African beats and jazz in musical festivals that bring Kenyans and visitors together throughout the year.  At a culinary level you will discover that Nairobi will entice and your taste buds.