This document can only be issued after an interview at the Embassy in Dakar, Senegal which should be scheduled as soon as possible. To issue the document, the applicant is required to personally avail himself/herself at the Embassy within 7 days of the date of travel in order to receive and sign the document before the Consular Officer.

The document allows the holder to make a one-way direct journey to Kenya. The certificate will be withdrawn at the port of entry by the Immigration officers. For further information on passport applications please visit www.ecitizen.go.ke


  • Cover letter explaining why you need the document.
  • Two passport-sized photographs taken in the last six months.
  • Proof of Kenya citizenship through a Copy of passport or, and ID card.
  • If the passport or, and ID are lost, a Police abstract in English/certified translation into the English language.
  • For a child who has never held a Kenya passport, a birth certificate and its certified translation into the English language
  • Confirmed flight booking/copy of air ticket.